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Programmes Offered

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  1. Certificate Programme

    The certificate programme is geared to persons who are outstanding athletes and coaches. The programme spans four (4) semesters.Graduates are accredited by the Ministry of Education
    to work at both the primary and secondary levels of the Jamaican Educational System as specialist
    one (1) teachers.Entry Requirements include 2 subjects at CXC, GCE or SSC.

  2. Diploma Programme

    The Diploma Programme covers six (6) semesters and is offered in association with the Joint Board
    of Teacher Education, University of the West Indies.
    It is a double option, Physical Education Programme, as students are prepared to teach at both the
    primary and the secondary levels of the educational system.
    Teacher Training is done in Physical Education as a specialist area, as well as in Human and Social
    Biology as a Minor.Entry Requirement include: Five (5) subjecs at the CXC, GCE or SSC or their equivalent.
    The five subjects must include English Language.

  3. Pre-Degree Programme

    The Pre-Degree Programme is designed for persons with a diploma but who did not specialised in
    in Physical Education.
    This programme must be satisfactorily completed before such a student can enter the Degree Program

  4. Degree Programme

    The Batchelor of Physical Education of Physical Education is add-on year programme which covers
    three semester. It was develop to provide its clientel, particularly practicing teachers of Physical
    Education with valuable intrinsic and extrinsic benefits with the opportunity of upgrading their education
    by reading for the Batchelor of Physical Education in Jamaica.


    Entry Requirements:

    2 CXC or GCE O’Level subjects and an outstanding athlethic aptitude for a sport e.g. representing
    school/club at inter-school, national and/or international level.
    For information on subject areas covered in this course , see year 1 & 2 courses of
    Diploma Prrogramme.


    Entry Requirements:

    Four Passes at CXC or GCE O’Level subject (including English Language) or its equivalent.
    For information on subject areas covered in this course , see year 1, 2 & 3 courses Diploma Programme.
    N.B. SSC Subjects (Ranges 4 and 5 passes are also accepted)


    Entry Requirements:

    G.C. Foster College Diploma or its equivalent with a minimum of a C+

    For information on subject areas covered in this course, visit the College website.


    1. The Certificate Programme is accredited by G. C. Foster College and is recognised by the Ministry of
      Education and Youth.
    2. The Diploma Programme is accredited by the Joint Board of Teacher Education
    3. The Degree Programme is accredited by the University council of Jamaica.